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    Skip the sales funnel and go straight to the PrimeStreet Opportunity Funnel

    The PrimeStreet system nurtures and qualifies aspirational clients until they are ready for your advice and local market knowledge. At that important step, we make the introduction to you as the local expert to take them through the final crucial steps of buying or selling a home.

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Lead Connection

The PrimeStreet referral team is working for you 7 days a week. We use proven follow up techniques and the latest technology to make that all important initial connection with a lead.

Lead Nurture

Buyers often need time to get their credit in order, save for a down payment, or wait for their current lease to expire. The PrimeStreet system nurtures prospects until they're ready.

PrimeStreet Qualified

Our experienced referral team is trained to sort leads by both intent and ability to move quickly. Only these PrimeStreet Qualified referrals are matched with our local partners.

PrimeStreet Opportunity Funnel

A seamless handoff in our mobile application helps you take each Primestreet Qualified referral to the closing table. Our nurturing process engine allows you to focus on each step of the buyer's or seller's journey.

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