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PrimeStreet helps you find the best agent to buy or sell your home

PrimeStreet helps people buy or sell a home by connecting them with a top real estate agent. Our agent matching service listens to your needs and pairs you, live, with a professional who has a track record of helping people buy in your price range and your preferred area. Best of all? It's free!


PrimeStreet's mission is to simplify the process for homebuyers and home sellers to connect with their best real estate pro. By leveraging technology and incorporating a personal touch, we've helped thousands close on a home! Most of these were first-time homebuyers! It brings us immense joy to witness the fulfillment of homeownership dreams and contribute to the growth of vibrant communities.


Our satisfied customers have given us a stellar 4.9 Google rating, a testament to our commitment to excellence.


We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to celebrate your successful home purchase or sale, marking another chapter in our collective commitment to making real estate experiences extraordinary.


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