Let PrimeStreet Deliver More Closings For You

To close more mortgages, you need a system that maximizes client transactions. PrimeStreet helps your clients close at a rate of up to 3x the industry average thanks to our smart agent matching, live transfers to agents, and agent performance management system. 

Put the power of PrimeStreet behind your mortgage leads for more closings. 

Here’s how:

  1. Your company sends PrimeStreet pre-qualified leads in need of an agent.
  2. PrimeStreet instantly contacts your clients!
  3. Your transaction-ready clients are live transferred to an agent that matches your clients criteria
  4. If your client needs a little more time, they are nurtured by PrimeStreet and introduced to an agent when they are ready.
  5. PrimeStreet offers your clients a cash reward for closing with a PrimeStreet agent, helping you drive more closings!
  6. Agents keep PrimeStreet up to speed on each client’s progress towards closing. We compile this data and share it with your team to keep everyone in the loop as offers are made and homes go under contract!

By partnering with PrimeStreet, your mortgage company can grow revenue while delivering a better experience to your clients.

For more information, contact: lenders@PrimeStreet.io