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    Increase your productivity

    with PrimeStreet Qualified Referrals.

We help our partners close more sales!

The PrimeStreet system streamlines the sales funnel and helps all your agents be more productive.


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PrimeStreet Qualified Referrals

Before a buyer or seller referral is sent to an agent they must express the ability and intent to transact soon.

Moving soon

Moving Soon

No agent

Needs an Agent

Credit worthy

Credit Worthy

Most importantly, they are asking to talk to a local expert like you!

A Real Connection That Makes a Difference

Our technology is great but it is the personal connection that builds trust and leads to more sales for you!

Our dedicated and trained US based Client Success team is focused on helping buyers and sellers make the journey from online home search to active real estate consumer. Once ready to transact, the trust built with the client is transitioned to you via a warm hand off, which is the key to your success!


Solutions to Fit Your Business Goals


PrimeStreet Referrals

Eliminate the risk of buying leads online. You only receive PrimeStreet Qualified referrals and pay nothing until the transaction closes.

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Lead Genius

Improve your current lead purchase return. Put our team of experts and first class lead nurturing technology to work for you and your agents.

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