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    Your Leads + PrimeStreet System = More Closed Deals.

    Your agents are at their best when they are out showing houses and closing deals - not tracking down unresponsive leads from the internet.  Put the PrimeStreet team of experts and first class lead nurturing technology to work for you and your agents.


Meet LeadGenius

Use the same logic as our referral model to get a better ROI out of YOUR leads! With LeadGenius, you can choose which of your leads you’d like our team to prescreen, nurture, and live-transfer to your agents. Get instant inside sales support and stop letting valuable opportunities fall through the cracks!

  • LeadGenius increases the value of YOUR leads

    • Better visibility into agent activities and lead performance.
    • More time back in your day as we take over qualifying the leads for you.
    • Provide great value to your agents.
    • Better conversion rates.
    • Close more deals!
  • You will receive an email detailing each referral your agents accept.

    • Notify us within 24 hours if that agent has left or is leaving your brokerage.
    • Notify us within 48 hours if a matched referral is already in your database.
    • Notify us within 72 hours of a referral closing on a property.
    • You agree to pay a referral fee for any commission earned from a transaction with a matched referral for a period of 24 months from the date of the match.
  • LeadGenius: Keys to Success

    • Be Strategic - Select a quality agent roster that you feel match the program skill set requirements.
    • Manage Effectively - By keeping your agents within compliance and effectively using the app, your team will receive more referrals and close more deals.
    • Onboard Efficiently - Your initial success will be affected by how efficiently your agents complete the onboarding process. Brokerages onboarding within 7 days typically begin receiving referrals more quickly.

Our LeadGenius team of experts and first-class lead nurturing technology works for you and your agents.


Leads to Referral

Our team is standing by 7 days a week to make that critical initial contact with your leads, typically within 10 seconds! PrimeStreet Qualified buyers and sellers are assigned to the agent on your team who can best meet their needs, driving conversion rates up to 3x the industry average. The remaining consumer leads are nurtured by the PrimeStreet referral team until they are ready to connect with your agents.

Referral to Close

Take control of your agent's effort and align their time with a referral, not a lead. The PrimeStreet app organizes and tracks your opportunities so your team makes the most of every referral. Top notch onboard training ensures your agents know how to use the PrimeStreet App and close more deals. Our BrokerInsights reporting dashboard gives you visibility into your entire team's opportunity funnel.


Take control of your agent's effort and align their time with a referral, not a lead.

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