PrimeStreet will work your in-house leads for your Brokerage

Need help nurturing and verifying leads you have coming directly into your brokerage? We can help prime your leads until they are ready for you thanks to PrimeStreet IRIS.  

We know real estate agents are at their best when they are out showing houses and closing deals - not tracking down unresponsive leads from the internet.  

We created PrimeStreet IRIS with this in mind! PrimeStreet IRIS lets our team of experts, and first class lead nurturing technology, do the work for you. Saving you time and giving you the chance to make more money.

Benefits of PrimeStreet IRIS for your Brokerage?


  • Our team is ready 7 days a week to provide instant connection to leads. We call within 10 seconds and are proven to drive conversion rates up as much as 3x industry average.
  • With PrimeStreet IRIS you can choose which of your leads you would like our team to pre-screen, nurture and live-transfer to your agents.  
  • PrimeStreet is built-in sales support, here to make sure valuable opportunities don’t fall through the cracks.
  • We save you time by turning your in-house leads into PrimeStreet Qualified buyers and sellers!  
  • PrimeStreet keeps you informed on lead progress towards closing and offers a better understanding of your ROI by marketing channel.

Hear why Century 21 Redwood loves working with PrimeStreet:

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