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By Kristen Crawford - Real Estate Specialist -

Moving to Charlotte

PrimeStreet's ultimate guide to making a move to North Carolina's most popular location

When you are considering moving to Charlotte, be aware that you are not the only person to do so. The city is among one of the fastest-growing places in the country. The Charlotte metro area is adding thousands of new inhabitants each year. In fact, the population expanded by about 20% over the past ten years, which is more than twice as fast as the growth rate for the state.

For those prepared to uproot their lives and relocate to Charlotte, the city's growing population brings new chances but also challenges. First of all, it will be tricky to find the perfect home in this hot and competitive real estate market. That's why having an experienced local real estate agent on your side is a must because they will make the house-hunting process faster and easier.

However, before you hire a knowledgeable local real estate agent, let's see what exactly does inspire people to pack up and move to the most populous city in North Carolina:

  • Blossoming Economy - Charlotte is home to many large national and international companies, so finding work in a variety of industries will be easy. Also, employment grew by 3.77% in the past year, while median household income increased by 6.98%.
  • High Quality of Life - Not only is it one of the cheapest places to base your tech startup, but it is also a top tech momentum market. It is also a metro area with high growth of women-owned businesses.
  • Attractive Renters Market - rent-occupied households account for 43% of total housing units in Charlotte. And even though the rent has increased over the last few years, there are many affordable neighborhoods all around the metropolis.

Charlotte is a metropolis with a variety of opportunities for those looking for a fresh start and a higher quality of life. The city, along with a strong economy, also offers a variety of job opportunities and affordable housing. And on top of that, there are plenty of entertainment options no matter what you like and what your hobbies are. 

If you're ready to discover Charlotte's vibrant cultural scene, here's some good-to-know info on how to make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing. 

PrimeStreet Realty has put up this guide to assist you in finding the home that will meet all of your needs because they are aware of how alluring Charlotte is to newcomers. So continue reading if you're ready to relocate to this paradise in North Carolina!

What's Special About Charlotte?

History, scenery, and climate!

What is it about Charlotte that is so enticingly unique that people desire to relocate and settle down here?

Charlotte is well known for being the home of North Carolina's oldest Dairy Queen, as well as home to the tallest rotating metal fountain in the US.

Besides that, the city is known as the "Pimento Cheese Capital of the World" because, in the 50s, the family-owned kitchen began mass-producing and selling it to the local groceries.

Charlotte is a part of Mecklenburg County, which counts more than 230 parks that cover around 21,000 acres of parkland where locals can partake in different outdoor activities.  

Also, Charlotte is a place most movie buffs love since many famous TV shows and movies are filmed here. From the Hunger Games to Homeland, the city has been immortalized in many cinematographic pieces. 

On top of that, the city is a paradise for animal lovers since there are more than 170,000 cats and dogs registered as pets in the county. 

Finally, this is the city where you can experience all four basic seasons. Winters are cool, while summers are hot and humid.

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Charlotte Economy

Major players, growing city

Charlotte is the second-largest banking center in the US, just right behind NYC. The city is also known for the motorsports industry as well as a large number of Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America and Honeywell.

Forbes named Charlotte one of the best places for business and career, and the city has been more than a few times on the list of the fastest-growing US cities. With many different companies within the metropolis, Charlotte has more than enough job opportunities for newcomers. So, when preparing for a job hunt, start by checking out some of the biggest employers:

  • Bank of America is on the Fortune 500 list, and it is the second-largest banking institution in the country, right after JPMorgan. The company employs over 15,000 people in Charlotte.
  • Duke Energy is a Fortune 500 electric power and natural gas holding company. The enterprise overall employs approximately 29,000 employees.
  • Novant Health is a network of clinics, outpatient centers, and hospitals. With over 28,000 employees in professional roles, the health institution is a significant employer in Charlotte.
  • Lowe's is another Fortune 500 company and a retail enterprise specializing in home improvement. It operates a chain of retail stores in the US and Canada, employing over 300,000 people.
  • Atrium Health is a non-profit organization that employs about 60,000 people throughout its 900 care facilities and 40 hospitals in North and South Carolina.
  • Honeywell is involved in building tech, performance materials, aerospace, and productivity solutions. As a Fortune 100 company, it has a global workforce of around 99,000 people.
  • Wells Fargo is an international financial company that has more than 70 million customers globally. This Fortune 500 company employs more than 268,500 people globally.

With all of this information, it is clear that Charlotte offers a wide range of career options. The city's economy is broad and expanding throughout a wide range of sectors. Furthermore, Charlotte is growing in terms of potential jobs. The city is expected to grow by 45.2 percent, outpacing the 33.5 percent predicted for the total US job market. This is all thanks to its diverse industries and national and multinational enterprises.

Besides the banking and motorsports industry, the city's economy relies on manufacturers. The manufactured items include electrical equipment, textiles, pulp, piping, as well as specialty chemicals, and packaging products. 

And finally, according to data from the website Glassdoor, there are currently more than 43,990 job openings in Charlotte. The top jobs being social workers, graphic designers, non-CDL drivers, marketing experts, administrative assistants, and call center workers. All of this shows that there is a healthy diversity in offers, meaning that the job hunt shouldn't be too long. 

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Housing Market

One of the Hottest in the US

Following a multi-year trend of developers and investors concentrating on Sun Belt cities, Charlotte became one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States. 

The most populous city in North Carolina is also one of the nation's fastest-growing metro areas. Its diverse economy and high standard of living contribute to its explanation of why the property market is so hot. 

Home prices are forecasted to rise by 5.6% in 2022, and also sales volume is expected to grow by 9.9%. Furthermore, houses stay on the market for a short period of time, the median being 40 days. 

With all of this information in your mind, when moving to Charlotte, one of the first things you should do is find a new home. With the housing market being so competitive, having a professional and experienced real estate agent by your side can make the whole process a lot easier and faster.

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Things to do in Charlotte

Outdoor adventure, indoor Fun

Whether you're searching for a cultural experience, want to get out and be active, or just want to relax and unwind, Charlotte has a lot to offer. Some of the city's one-of-a-kind attractions that will keep you on your toes include the following:

  • NASCAR Hall of Fame is a place fans of racing should visit. Here you'll be able to check out Glory Road's banked ramp, as well as historic race cars such as Chevelle from 1967 and Hudson Hornet. Furthermore, racing simulators that mimic the experience of being on track are among the interactive exhibitions.
  • Discovery Place is a spot where visitors can use their senses to learn about science and the world. Visitors of any age will enjoy the hands-on interaction that each exhibit offers. Children under the age of seven have their own exclusive area called KidScience, created especially for younger visitors, in addition to a number of other entertaining interactive displays.
  • Carowinds is a place that people who are looking for chills and thrills visit. This 407-acre theme park offers a ton of exciting activities, including roller coasters, water attractions, stage performances, and family amusements. Here, you may also ride the 325-foot-tall Fury 325, the world's tallest and fastest giga coaster. For those taking their four-legged companions on the trip, there is a pet kennel available.
  • US National Whitewater Center is a place where with the assistance of knowledgeable instructors, both novice and seasoned whitewater enthusiasts can learn about or practice their rafting skills. Paddleboarding, canoeing, and kayaking are also available, along with training and equipment rentals. Climbing walls, several zip lines, and ropes courses are among the additional amenities.
  • Freedom Park is a terrific spot to spend an afternoon playing or resting because it is approximately 100 acres in size and has lots of activities for everyone. Tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts will appeal to sports fans, and baseball players may work on their swings in the batting cages or watch a game on one of the four fields. For a trip that is more leisurely, there are a lot of walking routes available.
  • ImaginOn: The Joe and Joan Martin Center is one of the places that offer the best family-friendly activities. Since the building's opening in 2005, it has provided a distinctive blend of educational programming, library services, and a kids' theater. The children's library has sections for children aged 11 and under as well as teens, called the Teen Loft. It also has two theaters, which year-round present a range of family-friendly programming.
  • Billy Graham Library is a place where through exhibits and multimedia presentations, you can learn about the life of the television pastor. The tour includes a look at the Graham family home, where he lived from the age of nine, as well as memorabilia exhibits. It now contains some of the original furniture and Graham family heirlooms after being painstakingly repaired.
  • BB&T Ballpark is a stadium where the Charlotte Knights, a minor league baseball team in the Triple-A International League, play their home games. With its two levels of tier seating and well-designed layout, the stadium is a favorite destination for sports fans. Additionally, there are lots of nearby food sellers.
  • Carolinas Aviation Museum is a place for both history buffs and tech-geeks that love aircraft. The Sopwith Camel biplane, one of the most significant and well-known British fighter planes employed in World War I, is on display with a number of military aircraft, including the contemporary Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat.

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Sports Scene

Big league best

Over the past three decades, Charlotte's sports scene has advanced significantly. NASCAR stock car racing and professional "rasslin" were the two most popular sports in Charlotte in 1987. The city didn't have any professional sports franchises in the NFL, NBA, hockey, and major-league baseball. However, those days are long behind the city. Nowadays, there is rarely a weekend where some big game is not going on.  

The city is home to three major professional sports teams - Carolina Panthers, Hornets, and Charlotte FC. Add Checkers and Knights to that mix, and the sports fans moving to Charlotte will have more than enough teams to cheer for. 

Carolina Panthers are Charlotte's franchise in the National Football League. Playing in the NFC South, they are an expansion team that first played in 1995. Their motto "Keep Pounding" has become a battle cry for all the sports fans in the city. And if you want to catch a game, set aside around $50 and pay a visit to Bank of America Stadium in Uptown. 

Charlotte Hornets are the first city's NBA basketball team. Basketball legend Michael Jordan is the owner, and you can catch a game at Spectrum Center, also in Uptown, if you set aside around $10. 

Charlotte FC is an American professional soccer club. If you are a fan of this particular sport, you can enjoy it at Bank of America Stadium. Furthermore, you can join in on a tradition of crowning a local celebrity as a monarch of the match. 

Charlotte Checkers might be a minor-league professional ice hockey team, but that doesn't mean they are not worthy of checking out. The team won the franchise's first Calder Cup Championship in 2019, and it has a bright future ahead of them. Set aside around $25 and check them out at Bojangles Coliseum. 

Charlotte Knights are also a Minor League team, but this time in baseball. The Knights are a farm team of the Chicago White Sox organization and draws good crowds throughout the season. You can catch a baseball game at the beautiful BB&T Ballpark stadium, and you'll need around $10 to do so. 

The granddaddy of the Charlotte sports scene is the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway. This is the NASCAR home track- built in 1959 and host of some of the oldest running NASCAR events. 

In addition to the historic, still-used oval track, the site hosts modern tracks for drag racing, road courses and a dirt track - all of which host premier events on this 2,000 acre facility.

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Charlotte and Suburbs

Neighborhoods bring housing options

Charlotte is the most populous city in the state of North Carolina. It is also a county seat of Mecklenburg County, located in the Piedmont region. With a population that goes over 874,000 residents, it is the seventh most populous city in the South and the second-most populous one in the Southeast. 

Charlotte's total area of 308.6 square miles is split into 199 different neighborhoods. Each of them brings something different and unique to the table. However, to make it easier for newcomers to navigate through the city, it is easier to split it into five bigger sections - center, east, north, south, and west Charlotte.  

Just keep in mind that whether you choose to live in an upscale or more low-key suburban area, there is something for everyone. Let's have a look at some of the best places in the city and what they have to offer to newcomers.

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Center City

Those that want to live in a central business district that's buzzing with employment and entertainment opportunities should look for a new home in the city center. The area is also known as Uptown, and it is a hip and hot spot filled with restaurants, bars, and parks. 

In recent years it has become simpler and easier to settle in Uptown. There are always new buildings being built. Here you can find first-time homebuyers, condo dwellers, and families. The population of the area is around 35,900, so the housing market can be really competitive. With that in mind, if you want to find a home that will fit all of your needs, ensure to hire a local real estate agent to help you. 

According to data from the website Niche, here are some housing markets facts about Uptown:

  • The median home value is $403,330.
  • The median monthly rent is $1,535.
  • Around 83% of residents are renters.

If you settle in Uptown, you will never run out of things to do. Let's start with a favorite pass time - sports! The area is home to the Charlotte Knights Stadium, where you may watch the Triple-A Minor League Baseball team. Basketball aficionados can visit the Spectrum Center to watch the Hornets play. Fans of NASCAR will also like being close to the Hall of Fame. 

Besides sports, Uptown offers plenty of museums and galleries. For example, the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture and the Levine Museum of the New South are both located here. 

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center is a good place to start for anybody interested in attending live theater, dance, opera, or musical acts. The Spectrum Center also hosts notable touring performers. 

Another thing that makes Uptown a great place to settle in is the fact that it is well connected to the rest of Charlotte. John Belk Freeway, Andrew Jackson Highway, and Interstate 77 all connect it with other neighborhoods and make the commute easy and fast. No matter if you drive or use public transportation, you'll be able to go wherever you want. 

With all of this in mind, the Uptown may be your best option if you're searching for a prosperous, well-connected location with plenty of entertainment options. All that's left to do is hire and work with a reputable real estate agent that can help you find an ideal place to live.

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East Charlotte

Those that are looking for affordable and diverse neighborhoods dotted with historical landmarks and a few shopping options should consider settling in East Charlotte. This collection of neighborhoods lacks defined boundaries. However, it is generally agreed that the region starts east of NC Highway 74, west of W.T. Harris Boulevard, and south of The Plaza. 

The East Side is gradually evolving into one of the most colorful districts. Here, sizable immigrant populations have settled, fostering a sense of diversity that is unmatched throughout the city. If that is something you are looking for in your next neighborhood, hire an experienced, local real estate agent to help you find a home. 

According to data from the website Niche, here are some housing markets facts about East Side:

  • The median home value is $162,010.
  • The median monthly rent is $1,050.
  • Around 68% of residents are renters.

When settling here, you won't run out of things to do. The East Side has an active commercial sector due to developments along the Albemarle Road and Independence Boulevard, making the area convenient for shopping. 

Besides plenty of shopping options, the area has more than a few different restaurants, including Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, and steakhouses. It also does not lack outdoor recreation opportunities. Reedy Creek Park features 116 acres of recreational fields and 10 miles of nature trails. 

As a future resident of the East Side, you should know that the area is very car-bound. But it is very well connected with the rest of the city via NC Highway 74 and I85. 

East Side could be a perfect place if you are looking for a location that is budget-friendly but at the same time diverse and active. The community here is very active and vocal about improving the quality of life. If that is something you can get behind, all that's left to do is call a local real estate agent and move.

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North Side

Choosing to settle in the North Side of the city will give you more than a few different options to choose from. The area includes neighborhoods such as University City, Lockwood, and Nevin. North Side offers more than a few great spots you can settle in. However, to find the perfect one, make sure you hire a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent to help you.

The North Side of the city is a collection of different neighborhoods, making it attractive to various types of residents. So, if you don't actually have a specific vibe you are looking for when it comes to the next place you'll call home, settling here will be a great solution. 

However, before you do start packing up, here is some housing market info about the North Side:

  • The median home value is $314,880.
  • The median monthly rent is $1,210.
  • Around 85% of residents are renters.

If you are in pursuit of higher education, look for a home near the University City neighborhood within the North Side. Although it isn't really a city, it functions as such. Despite being close to the city, the university and vibrant student life have given the neighborhood a college-town feel. All of that is topped with exciting bars, popular restaurants, and a wide variety of shops. 

On the other hand, if you want to settle in a low-key, tight-knit, and a bit older community, you can't go wrong with Lockwood. This very walkable and dog-friendly area is ideal for families with kids since there are plenty of good schools in the vicinity. 

Those looking for suburbian quality in their new home should consider Nevin as their next location. It is one of Charlotte's most diverse neighborhoods, and just walking through it might give you whiplash. Here you can find old farmhouses, as well as new and modern residences. Nevin is a place where close friends can coexist happily for years while yet having room to learn more.

NoDa or North Davidson is a well-known arts neighborhood located about a mile northeast of Uptown. The region has a history of being a hub for the arts as well as a place for textile manufacturing and housing for mill employees. In recent years, NoDa has experienced a boom in residential construction for multifamily housing. With plenty of galleries around, it is a perfect spot for artists, but also it is an ideal place for people that embrace the hustle and bustle of a busy location.

As you can tell, North Side is filled with more than a few neighborhoods, each bringing something different to the table. It is up to you to decide which one will be your next. That's why you should not hesitate to give your local real estate agent a call and look through listings. 

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South Charlotte

South Charlotte embodies diversity. That's why if you want to become a permanent resident here, make sure you hire a local, experienced real estate agent to help you navigate different neighborhoods until you find the one that's perfect for you. 

South Side is located south of Uptown, and it consists of many different neighborhoods giving the area a very colorful vibe. The most popular locations here are Beverly Woods, Starmount, York Road, and Carmel. South Side is a great choice for those looking for a more laid-back, suburban feel to their neighborhood. 

Before you get to packing, here is some housing market info you should know about the South Side: 

  • The median home value is $417,800.
  • The median monthly rent is $1,530.
  • Around 70% of residents are homeowners.

Beverly Woods is located in the heart of the South Side. It is a beautiful neighborhood filled with single-family homes, mostly built in the 60s and 70s. However, many of those homes have been extensively updated, and now you can run into 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom estates. Beverly Woods is an ideal spot for people with big families, not only because there are plenty of spacious houses available but also because of the vicinity to some great schools.  

Starmount has been one of the fastest appreciating neighborhoods in Charlotte, making the real estate market extremely hot. Most of the homes here were built in the early 60s as ranch-style or even split-level brick bungalow residences. However, in the last few years, those homes have undergone renovations giving Starmount a new shiny look. The area is perfect for people who plan on commuting to work since it is well connected with the Uptown.  

York Road is a neighborhood with a mix of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Its mixed development increases the popularity of York Road. Not only does it attract younger crowds looking to be near different amenities, but it is also attractive to professionals in need of a well-connected location. The area is also perfect for people without cars because there are more than a few bus routes that pass through it.  

Carmel is a neighborhood you should take into consideration if you want to become a homeowner since almost 62% of current residents are. The area is well covered with numerous bus lines, so you will be able to reach other parts of the city without a fuss. Parks like Pineville Lake and Carmel Road make it ideal for people with dogs, and the nearby daycare centers make it a top stop for parents with kids. 

When you take into consideration all of these amenities the South Side offers, it is easy to tell that the area is good for all sorts of people. So no matter who you are and what you are looking for in the next home, you'll probably find it here. All you have to do is hire a knowledgeable real estate agent to speed up the house-hunting process.

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West Charlotte

Some of the city's most affordable apartments can be found in West Charlotte. Also, the greatest untouched beauty in the entire region can be found as you move further into the county's northwest. The area is a mix of urban and suburban vibes that attract mostly families with kids and people that prefer a slower-paced lifestyle. 

The vicinity to Uptown makes the West Side attractive for new urban development and investors, making it a hot real estate market. That's why if you want to snatch the best of what the location has to offer, hire a reputable real estate agent to help you during the house selection process. 

West Side consists of many different neighborhoods, but the most famous and popular ones with the newcomers are Biddleville, Steele Creek, and Coulwood. However, before we break down all the pros of living in these neighborhoods, let's check out some of the basic housing statistics. 

According to data from the website Niche, here are some facts about West Side:

  • The median home value is $$244,430.
  • The median monthly rent is $1,370.
  • Around 60% of residents are homeowners.

Biddleville is the oldest primarily African-American neighborhood in the city. It is the home of Johnson C. Smith University, a historically black university that was founded in Biddleville soon after the Civil War to train future black preachers and teachers. The area is very car-dependent, but it offers accessible parking and well-lit streets. Biddleville provides a tight sense of community to all of its residents, making it a great spot to raise a family. 

Steele Creek is about 15 minutes from Uptown, and it is one of the areas that keep on gaining popularity. The neighborhood, in a short period of time, gained a boom in population. This is due to the fact that the industry took farmland and turned it into a bustling location with different housing and entertainment opportunities. From golf courses to various bars and restaurants, this suburban-like area is not as sleepy as you would think. 

Coulwood is a place you settle in if you want to experience a true small-town community but still be in the vicinity of big-city amenities. Residents can enjoy an annual 4th of July parade, different celebrations at the start and end of a school year, as well as other festivities throughout the year. If you want to settle in a spot where even walking around the neighborhood is an enjoyable experience, Coulwood might be the solution.

Vicinity to Uptown and a laid-back vibe can be a perfect fit no matter who you are and what you are looking for in a location. Also, it doesn't hurt that the West Side is well connected with the rest of the city via West Trade Street, Statesville Road, and Wilkinson Boulevard. So, you can actually work anywhere in the city and live here without spending half a day commuting. 

If all of that seems like a great thing to you, all you have to do before packing up your bags is to hire a thorough and professional real estate agent to assist you in finding the right home. After all, there are plenty of neighborhoods to go through, so it will be easier to do it with the help of professionals.

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What's Next?

Plan the move

When you decide to relocate to Charlotte, we will be with you every step of the way.

Now, after reading through our comprehensive moving to Charlotte, North Carolina guide, you undoubtedly know where you want to live.

It goes without saying that you should have a property to call your own before moving to Charlotte, and PrimeStreet can assist you in finding the ideal one. The top Charlotte real estate professionals on our team are well-versed in the local market. Because of this, when you hire us, we will ask you questions about your housing needs, such as what your budget is, where you'd want to live, and when you'd like to move in. When we have the answers, we can put you in touch with the agent who is best equipped to assist you. 

Meeting the lender is another thing PrimeStreet can help you with. Since we have been in the industry for so long, we are aware of who the top candidates really are. Simply phone us or visit our website at

Keep in mind that being as organized as you can is crucial with the move process already underway. That's why you should plan in advance on how and when you'll meet with real estate. Because let's face it, a long-distance move can be quite time-consuming and stressful, so it is important to have that meeting written down.

The PrimeStreet team is well aware that we still live in the COVID-19 outbreak and that meeting in person could put you in great danger. Fortunately, our group figured out how to coexist professionally while keeping social distance. Although our representatives can meet with you in person, they can also show you digitally the available properties. You won't have to see every property in person because our agents will provide listings that often include online 3D views of the homes. But when you locate the ones you want, we'll arrange a personal visit so you can check out the house and the surrounding area.

With the PrimeStreet team as your partner, you'll easily become a Charlottean. 

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