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By Angela Williams - Real Estate Specialist -

Moving to Houston

The Biggest City in Texas

Are you planning to move to Houston? If yes, then you are not alone. As the biggest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the USA, Houston attracts thousands of new residents yearly. In fact, The Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area added a whopping 91,000 new residents to its population in 2020! 

Houston is a fantastic city that is booming at a rapid pace. It offers excellent opportunities in terms of education, career, and lifestyle. In addition, Houston is well-connected to several other cities, including Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. The weather is super pleasant here for most of the year, and the real estate prices are pretty affordable too! With so many good things that Houston has to offer, it is not a surprise that so many people are interred in moving to this wonderful city. 

However, if you are still wondering why people are relocating to Houston, here's your answer

  • Warm and pleasant weather: People who aren't a huge fan of the cold weather would enjoy the lovely sunny weather and clear skies of Houston. The city usually experiences temperatures between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the months. The winters are also mild, with very little snow. So, you don't have to worry about those long and chilly winter nights.
  • No income tax!: Another reason why many young professionals prefer to move to Houston (or Texas, in general) is that the state levies no income tax on its residents. Personal state income taxes are forbidden in Texas. This means that residents of Houston can enjoy the perks of a well-paying job without being taxed. This helps them boost their savings and enjoy a better living standard.
  • Low cost of living: While Texas is one of the fastest-growing and advanced metropolises, the cost of living there is surprisingly low. Living in Houston is 5% less expensive than Dallas and 20% less expensive than Austin. Real estate is comparatively cheaper too. So, residents can find plenty of good houses at affordable rates in Houston.
  • No zoning laws: For small business owners, zoning laws can be a problem across the US. But Houston impresses us here as well. One of the greatest things about Houston is that the city is free of all kinds of zoning laws. So, there are no restrictions if starting a commercial or retail business in residential areas. Want to create your own small business in your neighborhood? Go ahead; no zoning laws are holding you back here!
  • Diverse culture: Houston is blessed with a very diverse culture. You will find amazing people from different parts of the globe here. They have brought their cuisines, traditions, and languages to the city. Today, residents of Houston can speak more than 90 languages! You will also find restaurants serving various delicious local cuisines of different countries. You will get the fantastic opportunity to learn about different people, their customs, festivals, and so much more. If living in a vibrant and highly inclusive city was your dream, Houston will turn it into reality!

Houston's dynamic real estate market can be subject to fluctuations, making it essential to stay updated on the latest trends and pricing. The city's rapid growth and diverse industries also add to the complexity, influencing property values and demand. For more information on how to begin your homebuying journey, check out our library.

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What’s Special About Houston?

Affordable houses, terrific local attractions

Houston is one of the most loved cities in the United States. While it offers all modern amenities, the city has not lost its original culture. If anything, it provides a harmonious amalgamation of modernity and classic charm to everyone. 

Apart from the scenic beauty and diverse culture, Houston has one of the fastest-growing economies in the US. Houston's port is among the ten busiest ports in the world. The city is home to the popular Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center of NASA. Furthermore, Houston has the globally renowned Texas medical center and the oil and aeronautics industry.

Houston also has excellent airports. The Houston airport system comprises George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), and Ellington Airport (EFD). Together, these airports served over 60 million passengers in 2019. 

Houston is also the center of arts and culture. The people of Houston love exploring art galleries and museums. The city has preserved its heritage and historical values quite efficiently. If you are a fan of art galleries and museums, Houston will not disappoint you. 

Houston Museum of Fine Arts is the country's sixth largest museum. Another notable feature about Houston is that it is amongst the only five cities in the US having resident companies in four major performing arts disciplines, including theater, ballet, opera, and symphony. 

While most things are fantastic in Houston, the same cannot be said for the storms and hurricanes the city faces. Severe thunderstorms and occasional hurricanes are common in Houston during the rainy season. Thus, if you are planning to shift to the city, make sure to have a disaster plan ready. 

Overall, Houston has several excellent aspects that offer a great and wholesome life to the residents. 

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Job Market

Houston has a strong economy

Houston's economy is experiencing steady growth after the pandemic. The city has recovered from all of its job losses, and the job market in Houston is making good progress. 

At its current growth pace, it is estimated that Houston will create almost 100,000 jobs in 2022. It is a great opportunity for people who are moving to Houston for career advancements. Whether you are looking for a new job or want to switch careers, Houston has something for everyone. 

While the rising inflation and impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war may affect Houston's economy, job growth is still expected to remain at normal levels. Several Fortune 500 corporations are the major drivers of the city's economy. They are expected to create thousands of jobs this year as well. 

The Houston metro is home to some of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies. These include:

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprises
  • Crown Castle International
  • Academy Sports & Outdoors
  • Westlake Chemical
  • KBR, and more

 Currently, the Houston Purchasing Managers Index is at 57.6, indicating an expansion in business activities, including the manufacturing and service sectors.

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Housing Market

Affordable and growing

Budget-friendly houses are one of the major attractions of Houston. Unlike San Francisco and New York, where the real estate prices are skyrocketing, the median home value in Houston is still relatively cheaper. 

You can expect to find a good family home with all the necessary amenities for around $$302,450. Renting a house is also affordable in the city. Residents can find a decent home at an average rent of around $1,200 per month. It is still significantly cheaper than the likes of Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. 

Houston’s housing market has grown with its growing population. This has kept the demand and supply in balance, thereby preventing any kinds of real estate bubbles. The residents enjoy a high standard of living at comparatively lower prices. The cost of living in Houston is 4% lower than the national average, which is fantastic! 

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Things to do in Houston

Museums, music, sports and food

Houston has plenty of amazing attractions to keep you and your family entertained. From lively musical concerts to exciting theme parks, the city keeps on buzzing with a variety of activities for most of the year. Thus, it is guaranteed that you will not get bored in Houston.

If you are a foodie and love trying out various cuisines, Houston will be no less than heaven to you. There are world-class eateries and restaurants in the city, and several award-winning chefs have their restaurants in downtown Houston. You can enjoy scrumptious food while experiencing true luxury there. Some legendary chefs whose restaurants have solidified Houston's reputation as a "dining hub" include Hugo Ortega, Bobby Matos, and Chris Shephard. 

Whether you want classic American cheeseburgers or want to go all fancy and try out elaborate food at a Michelin star restaurant, you are guaranteed to find everything in Houston. From top-notch seafood and delicious Vietnamese to authentic pizzas, you will find the most delicacies in the city. So whether you are on a date or want to enjoy some time with your family, the restaurants in Houston will take care of your dining needs. 

Houston's Chinatown will win your heart if you are a fan of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean cuisine. Not just Chinese culture, but you can find many amazing things here. You can shop at local stores, try local cuisines, and enjoy other attractions. You can find several eateries serving authentic cuisines like Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, and more!

Visit the stellar museums

Houston has some of the most amazing museums in the whole United States. From museums of natural sciences to car museums, you will find everything here. If you are a history buff, Houston's museums have a lot to offer. 

For example, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of the city's oldest cultural and science-related institutions. You can find a large variety of exhibitions, displays, and more. Other attractions include a planetarium, an indoor butterfly garden, etc. Also, make sure to check out the Morian Hall of Paleontology- it is a dream come true for all Dinosaur lovers! 

One of the most famous location is the Space Center Houston. Now the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston has been home to all manned space flight operations since the beginning of manned space flight. The center was home to all mission control for the Apollo program - remember the immortal words "Houston, the Eagle has landed" from the first moon mission? 

The center has museums and education centers - it's one of the top tourist destinations - and is still home to astronaut training and mission control.  

Car enthusiasts will love visiting the ArtCar Museum. The museum has a spectacular selection of rotating cars, sculptures, paintings, and so much more! 

Other prominent museums in the city include:

  • The Museum of Fine Arts
  • Space Center Houston
  • The Menil Collection
  • The Children’s Museum of Houston

Stroll through the natural beauty in Houston's lush green gardens or enjoy an exciting day with your family at theme parks.

Apart from excellent eateries, residents of Houston also enjoy their days in lush green gardens. When it comes to parks and greenery, Houston has no shortage of them. You can find several beautiful gardens throughout the city. 

You can visit Buffalo Bayou Park for biking, hiking, or kayaking. From the park, you can paddle through the city's Memorial Park, and the view is simply breathtaking. You can even witness the stunning downtown skyline from there. 

If you are a fan of Japanese landscape and structures, you'll love the beauty and charm of the popular Japanese Gardens. The garden has over 20 varieties of Japanese trees and over 100 varieties of shrubs and flowers. If you want to witness vibrant flowers, the Woodland Gardens will leave you mesmerized. It is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic beauty of colorful blooms and native Texas trees. 

Apart from beautiful gardens, Houston is also home to some of the most terrific amusement parks. You can take your family to Grand Texas. Spanning around 632-acre property, it is Houston's biggest theme park. The park is divided into various areas, including a racing park, a water park, and an adventure park. 

Similarly, if you want to take your kids to a theme park that has terrific games and rides, Houston Funplex would be perfect. The park has several rides, including a double-decker carousel, roller coaster, and so much more! It is a perfect palace to enjoy a relaxing day with your family. 

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Pro Sports in Houston

The city offers major league action.

Houston is home to four national professional sports franchises.

The Houston Rockets became have the city's NBA team in 1971 and have earned two national championships. They play in the Western Conference, Southwest Division and hold home games downtown in the Toyota Center in the heart of downtown.

The Astros have called Houston home since 1962. The Major League Baseball team plays in the American League West. Home field for the team is Minute Maid Park in the center of downtown Houston. This replaced the famed Astrodome- the first ever domed stadium and the team's home from 1965 to 2000.

NFL franchise The Houston Texans is the youngest team in the league- formed as an expansion in 2000. The Texans play at NRG stadium in the southwest part of the city.

Houston Dynamo FC and Dash are professional soccer clubs playing in the PNC Stadium in East Houston. The Dynamo is the men's club and the Dash are the pro women's club.

Houston also has been home to Indy Car racing at PNC Center. Rounding it out, you have access to college sports from Rice and Texas Southern and University of Houston.   

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Where in Houston

The City and Suburbs

Now that we have talked about pretty much everything else, it’s time to discuss where exactly you should move to in Houston. Houston is divided into several counties, suburbs, and neighborhoods. 

The massive size of Greater Houston (also known as the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan statistical area) ensures that you have several choices when it comes to choosing a place of your own. Whether you want to shift to a nice and quiet suburb or a hip and trendy neighborhood, you will find everything here. 

There are basically nine counties in the Greater Houston area. These include:

  • Austin County
  • Brazoria County
  • Chambers County
  • Fort Bend County
  • Galveston County
  • Liberty County
  • Montgomery County
  • Harris County
  • Waller County

 All of these counties have their own benefits, attractions, and unique qualities. With that said, here is our list of some of the top counties and neighborhoods in Houston where you can consider buying or renting a house:

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Harris County

If moving to the largest county is your goal, then Harris county is the place for you. The county has an estimated population of around 4,738,030 (estimated in 2021), and the rural area covers almost 27% of the region. It is located to the east of the Nueces River. You will experience the natural and raw country charm and scenic beauty all around. 

Almost 104,302 Businesses are operating in the region, and thus, there is no shortage of employment opportunities. The top employers include the healthcare industry, accommodation and food services, retail industry, and technical services. 

The county's per capita income is around $60,002, while the median age of residents is 33.5 years. You can also find affordable houses in the county. The average value of a home in Harris county is about $137,200, while the average rent is close to $820. 

The county is well connected with all the other regions, and residents can easily access both intrastate and interstate transportation systems. Cars, buses, and trucks can easily access the well-connected network of highways. It included Interstate 45 north and south and Interstate 10 east and west. 

Furthermore, US Highway 59 crosses Harris county from northeast to southwest and goes to the Rio Grande valley. If you want to access West Texas, you can take US Route 290. Overall, the residents of Harris County will not have to face any problems with their transportation needs.

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Fort Bend County

Fort Bend is one of the top-most counties in the United States. Located 25 miles from the Houston metropolitan area, Fort Bend offers surprisingly affordable living, amazing job opportunities, and an incredibly safe environment. It has been recognized as one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family in Texas. 

When it comes to real estate, you can find good homes at an average price of $305,000. Rental apartments are also available. Rents start from %1,200 a month and can go up to as high as $3,000 a month. 

Apart from this, you will find top-notch medical facilities in the area. For example, the world's largest medical complex - The Texas Medical Center - is located just three miles south of the county's Midtown area. Apart from this, more than ten renowned hospitals have their branches in Fort Bend county. 

Fort Bend county has been one of the top twenty counties in the US for population growth and economic excellence. With a population of over 600,000, it is one of the fastest-growing counties in Texas. It is one of the most visited Museum Districts in the state. 

The place is home to a variety of attractions, including several museums, historical venues, upscale restaurants, and more. The popular Hermann Park, the Houston zoo, and the Miller Outdoor Theater are also located in Fort Bend county. It also has a variety of small specialty shops as well as big shopping complexes. The First Colony Mall and the Sugar Land Town Square are popular shopping and dining destinations in Fort Bend county.

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The Woodlands

The Woodlands in Montgomery County is one of the most popular suburbs of the Houston metro area. It is an exceptionally planned and laid-out suburb offering the perfect mix of luxury and urban charm. Spanned across 28,000-acre of forested land, the whole area is absolutely stunning. As per, The Woodlands has been voted as the number 1 neighborhood to live in not only in Texas but in the whole of America! 

The best thing about The Woodlands is its nature-loving and outdoor enthusiast community. The locals are amiable and believe in pursuing an active lifestyle. If you are a fan of hiking, kayaking, rides on the lake, and other adventure sports, the Woodlands is the place for you. The suburb offers all kinds of amenities to the residents and tourists. 

Apart from that, education is also a priority in this suburb. The Woodlands is home to some of the best schools and educational institutions in the state of Texas. 

However, the top-notch amenities and facilities of The Woodlands don't come cheap. The place has some of the most expensive homes in entire Texas. A good home will easily cost you around $500,000 - and it will not be anything fancy. 

If you are after a big and fancy house with all the modern amenities, be ready to shell out around $1 million for the property. Yes, living in this suburb can be very costly! However, it is totally worth it! So, if your budget permits you, moving to The Woodlands is definitely worth considering! 

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Next Steps

Ready to move?

If you are ready to finally move to Houston, we are here to help you out! 

So that was our guide to relocating to Houston. We hope you find the information here useful and that we were able to give you a clear idea about what living in Houston will entail. 

 If you have finally decided to move to the Bayou City or its metropolitan area, any of the places mentioned above will be a great choice. Just make sure to do thorough research about the counties and what they offer.

 The first step in moving to Houston is deciding where you want to live. After all, you cannot shift to the city without selecting a place to live in. Once you have that sorted, it's time to look for houses. And this is where we at PrimeStreet come into the picture!

Our in-house team of experts has years of experience in the real estate market in Houston and other cities in the United States. At PrimeStreet, we have a team of trusted and highly experienced real estate agents working in the Houston metropolitan area. They will help you find the house of your dreams in very less time. 

All you need to do is fill out the form linked below or call us at 855-531-5347; our team will ask you a few questions about your needs and expectations, where you want to move, your budget, and the preferred timeline. After that, our smart algorithm will match you with the perfect agent with the right experience, knowledge, and connections in the local housing market in Houston.

Our goal is to help you find the best house that suits your budget and meets all your expectations. With us on board, you are guaranteed to find the sweetest deal out there. 

Not only that, but we at PrimeStreet will also help you find a lender. Just give us a call on the phone number mentioned above, and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest. Of course, you can also visit our website to find the right agent for you!  

Moving to a new city is a big step. And thus, it is natural to feel both excited and overwhelmed about it. However, having the right professional help can make the process several times easier and more fun. So, make sure to get in touch with us and let us plan your perfect move to Houston together! 

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